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Temperature Controlled Storage Units In Johnstown & Loveland, CO

When you’re storing your belongings away from home, you want to ensure you’ve chosen the right place that will provide the right kind of protection to your belongings. Security features are important to consider, but many people don’t even think about other factors that could lead to loss or damage - like temperature. Extreme temperatures can cause a variety of damages to your belongings, like rust, melting, fading, warping, mold, and mildew. But if you rent your unit at one of our facilities, you can benefit from a temperature controlled unit to keep your belongings in a stable environment, helping you avoid these damages. Reserve your unit today or contact us for more details. We’re eager to provide the temperature controlled unit you need!


The following items will be safe and sound at our self-storage facilities in Berthoud and Johnstown, Colorado.

  • Family heirlooms – Protect grandma’s lace tablecloths from mold.
  • Musical instruments – Don’t let your violin, cello or guitar get damaged by the cold.
  • Vinyl records – Preserve your music collection for many years of future enjoyment.
  • Medical records and other documents – Keep your most important files safe and sound.
  • Works of art – After all, it’s impossible to replace a masterpiece.

Our locations:

4560 Venture Dr, Johnstown, CO 80534

316 Basher Drive, Berthoud, CO 80513

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